Here, we are going to introduce 3 home based online jobs which don’t need any investment. Freelancing is such a job which is getting more attention during coronavirus pandemic.

The world is changing, whether we like it or not. As you see, we are in the middle of a great technology revolution in the history: the internet and software revolution. Everything is going online now and applications take care of what companies, previously needed vast human resources for. And of course, Covid-19 crisis was the “coup de grâce” for traditional trading and jobs, yet it provided a great opportunity for digital businesses to flourish from the ashes of those old ways of making money.

Applications being in action means fewer jobs for people, but fortunately machines aren’t completely in charge yet, and they need human intelligence to do their tasks better. Plus, there are some things that machines can’t do which leave some jobs for people to do so.

Online jobs have attracted a lot of attentions by people who don’t have a chance to use their talents in physical world to make money or doesn’t have so much money to lunch a physical business. A home based online job without investment and even without an expertise is not a dream now. Plus, when it’s possible to do business tasks from home, why go outside? There are a lot of companies across the globe which already have adopted teleworking.

If you are on your own and you are not a part of one big company, don’t worry at all! You still can start your home based online job without any investment as a freelancer. In the present article, we will introduce some freelancing jobs to you that you can do from home, without any investment. Before we start to name some freelancing jobs, we have to answer the question, “What is freelancing at all?”

What is freelancing and what does a freelancer do?

Freelancing usually refers to project-based jobs which freelancer can do from home and most of the cases, it doesn’t need more than a personal computer and an internet connection. In a freelancing job, the commitments of both the employee and employer are limited to the projects, and they usually don’t sign long-term contracts.

The freelancer gets the project and have to send the finished work to the employer up to a certain date. So, the freelancer has the complete liberty for timing the project on his/her wish, and she/he doesn’t have to work based on a time sheet, defined by the employer.

Three freelancing home based online jobs which don’t need investment

Now you learned what does freelance mean and what does a freelancer do, it’s the time to introduce some freelancing jobs to you. Only online home jobs without investment and registration fee are offered here.

1- Content specialist

Content specialist is someone who provides digital contents to be uploaded on the web or social media. Anybody can produce contents in his/her field of interest but some people have a natural talent to do that.

Digital contents could be as texts, voices, images or videos. Text contents need writing skills as well as some SEO matters to be fulfilled. Voice contents and podcasts need a neat voice, and image and video contents need some software skills.

The content specialists could be a freelancer and normally don’t upload the content on websites or social media and there is a whole other job for that named “data entry”.

2- Data entry

Freelance data entry job from home is another freelancing job that anybody could do as good as possible with only some experience. When the contents, either texts, podcasts, images or videos are ready, they have to be uploaded on websites or social media.

This process is not as easy as it looks, especially when it comes to uploading contents on websites, since the data entry specialist have to do some SEO and any mistake in data entry can cause ranking drops in search engine page results (SEPRs). Data entry could be as an online job home based without investment.

3- App developer    

One of the most exiting online jobs without investment and registration fee is app development. This job needs expertise in programming, as well as some knowledge in user experience (UI) and user interface (UI) design.

There is a long distance from being a programmer to become an app developer. If you have a creative mind, you could create an app to sell it via app markets or start your own e-commerce business with.

Most of the app developers work as freelancers and take projects from businesses to make apps for them. Usually, developing a great app needs team work but professional online platforms like Microsoft teams has made it possible to work as a team from home.

Source: N26