Contemporary lifestyle of humans kills everything within a short time. People always seek different and new things and this matter applies to almost every aspect of their lives like choosing jobs. This desire of people especially young ones who hates doing something for a long time, led toward freelancing. Therefore, “how to become a freelancer” has become a very interesting subject all over the world and here we are going to tell you what to do in freelancing in order to be successful.

1- Don’t limit yourself because of your field.

This sentence can be confusing so let us clarify it for you. This does not mean that you should not focus on your field and your skills and lose your path of job. What we mean is that freelancing can be a thing for all kind of jobs. Doesn’t matter that you are a writer, a designer, a website developer, a programmer or any other kind of job, you can become a freelancer if you want to. There is no limitation for any job.

2- Make as much as money as you can.

If you want to do freelancing, you should know that making money from this kind of jobs could vary. Freelancing means when you work with a company or a magazine, most of the money is yours; of course if you find your projects by yourself not the agencies. In freelancing, you can earn more money but on the other hand you don’t have a fixed job with a fixed amount of money and it is very common that you cannot find a good project for a long time. So be aware that as a freelancer you should make as much as money as you can at any time that the opportunity is behind your door.

3- You should make balance between your work life and your personal life.

When you want to do freelancing, most of the time you are your own boss, your own manager and your own schedule-maker. It is a very common problem that freelancer sometimes can’t make balance in their different aspect of life for example either they work very hard and forget there is anything called personal life or they work in a poor way that effects their income and their CV. Remember that freelancing need balance.

4- Don’t underestimate the importance of your work place.

If you are wondering about what to do in freelancing, we suggest you to star with choosing a good work place. When you are a freelancer, you do not have an office in a company most of the times, so you should find a place. The best choice for you, which will not cost you any money, is working at home. If you live alone, you can have a workroom and even if you do not live alone, make sure there is a room that you can close its door and have a nice quiet couple of work hours. Some people do not like working at the home, so they can work at libraries or even consider Co-working spaces.

5- Make yourself a brand in your business.

It is right that you are freelancer and the main concept of being a freelancer is not having the same job but if you become a brand, big companies will come to you for their big projects repeatedly. Lots of magazines and companies like working with freelancer by a project based contract; in this way, they only pay you when they need you. Branding yourself can help you make more money and be more famous on your field.

6- Never give up on learning new things and strategies.

Everything in this works is unpredictable and you cannot say anything for sure. This rule applies to you too; today you are working on important projects and tomorrow you are seeking for a new one. In order to be one step ahead of these unpredictable changes, you should guarantee your quality of work and this is impossible if you give up on learning new things. One of the important aspect of how to become freelancer is to know more than you need to know in your field. By learning constantly, in case of any changes, you can simply adapt and stay in the business.

7- Be clear with your clients.

When you want to do freelancing, you should know that making everything clear is the key of a healthy communication with your present clients and your potential ones. You should be clear about the prices, about the schedule, your ideas and the time you are going to dedicate to the work and on the market trends. You should be able to read the mind of your clients and the clients should understand everything about your ideas and expectations. Preventing from misunderstanding can make you a more successful freelancer.

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