Applications affect every single aspect of our lives. Being an app developer is a job which some freelancers with programming skills are but if you want to be a great app developer, knowing just how to code is not enough. Here, we are going to show you how to become a freelance developer.

2020: Rising of Apps’ Empire

Owner and founder of BEA Company, Alfred Chuang, predicted how 2030 is going to be, in a recent interview. He believes that everything is going to be controlled by applications in 2030.

The present coronavirus pandemic made us consider cyberspace as safe and low-cost way to work, communicate, share knowledge, sell and buy stuff, and even watch sports. Applications are our interfaces to live in cyberspace. However, the online applicability of apps is not the only reason which makes them so important, as their offline features have a huge impact on our lives too.

Quarantine: A great opportunity for teleworking and freelancing  

Life goes on, either with or without the virus. At the start of the covid-19 pandemic, many jobs stopped their activities and sent their employees home, but when they found out that the problem is not going to be solved any time soon, they start teleworking which came out to be very successful approach.

Quarantine had created big opportunities for freelancing too, with e-commerce got a lot of attention from many business owners. That’s why we’ve decided to show you how to become a freelance developer.

What skills freelancer app developer should have?

The basic skill to app and software engineering freelancing is programming. There are many programming languages. For example, Java for Android and Swift for iOS to become a mobile app developer, or PHP and HTM to become a freelance web developer. It’s best to be an expert in one of those areas, instead of being a rolling stone.

Developing a successful app is not only the matter of being a strong programmer, but also you have to be creative and have some knowledge about designing a user interface and user experience.

Gathering all those skills in someone is something rare, and that’s why to become a successful freelance developer you have to be capable of working as a team.

The good news is, if you don’t know how to code, you still could be an app developer! There are some app maker software and websites which help you make your own app without need to write a single line of code! Just Google “app maker application”, “app maker software”, or “app maker website”.

How to get Freelance work as an app developer?

If you think you are able to develop successful apps in your home, you may wonder how to get a freelance work as developer.

First of all, freelancing is project-based and there will not be a long-term contract between you and your employer. So, don’t expect to work as a freelancer and get a paycheck on a monthly basis. Freelance software developer salary depends on the project, not the time you’ve spent on it.

Second of all, you can be a successful freelance developer just by creating a single app to sell via app markets or to start your own e-commerce business by your own app. But coming to a great idea is not something that happens to you every day and you may have to work on other people ideas and be satisfied with the paycheck you get for any project.

If you don’t know how to get a freelance work as developer, the first thing you have to do is creating a resume and send it to app developing company.

If you don’t have a nice resume in this area, don’t try to get a freelance developer job from a company which has ordered apps to developers before. Instead, go to businesses which you think an application could help them, but they don’t have one yet. There, you can talk about the advantages of shifting from a traditional business to a digital business and why apps are important to stay in competition.

Developing a few successful apps for some companies, is enough for your resume to be accepted by big companies which are familiar with the subject. Developing several apps or even a great app for such a company is enough for you to start advertising your freelance developer business, mostly via digital marketing.

If you want to be seen on this highly competitive market, you have to disburse a little bit and spent some money on advertising your business. If you target your potential customers intelligently and adopt a correct digital marketing strategy, the customers will come to you sooner or later, and when you don’t know, you will become a successful entrepreneur.

The key to successfully become a great freelance developer is not to hesitate, go out there and start talking to business owners and convince them to accept your offer.