When you enter to the adult phase of your life, finding a good job becomes an important matter to you and your future. Most of adults think that if they cannot find the perfect job, their whole aspect of life will be effected poorly. Some people find this correct and really try for their job and future. When you decide working as a freelancer and choose these types of jobs as your path, for sure you have developed some skills in your previous stage of life. For example, you have learnt how to write, how to develop a website and now you need a field in which you can spend these skills. So far, you have the required professional skills, you have decided working as a freelancer and there is only one thing left to learn: how to become a freelance online.

As a freelancer like any other job, you need to get familiar with the freelance job description so you can be one the best in your work. There are so many ways for you to master freelancing like taking online and offline courses and getting in touch with other freelancers but the best way is using internet, which is free too. You can read online articles about how to freelance at home and get the basics of the work and here we are going to give you one of those articles.

1- Adapt your skills and services with freelancing world.

As we said, you have already developed a skill of your own and as a freelancer, you should know the description and the pattern suitable for your skills. Clarify for yourself that how you can use your skills in freelancer jobs. To make this stage easier, you can go to freelance websites and see different services that people are providing for clients and find similar ones to your own situation.

In addition, you can establish some patterns for yourself in order to master how to work freelance in home. For example as a writer, you should establish the types of your writing: you are capable of copywriting, article writing in newspapers, writing for websites with a more serious path, writing for movie analysis sites and many other options. To make this short, establish that you are either a general writer or a professional writer and clarify the field you are going to write professionally in.

2- Practice your goal.

After establishing your services in freelancer jobs, you need to practice it before having a real project. This stage may sound like a waste of time but it is not really a waste of time, you need to do whatever you are planning to do in projects to gain experience. For example, go to freelancer websites and scroll the list of offered projects. Then, choose an easy one and try to do it in a perfect way. You are not going to send the project but you are going to understand some hidden rules in freelance description that no one will tell you and you will understand it when you struggle with the job. Do this three or four time as practice and then go to the next step.

3- Make your profile professional and winning.

When you are working as freelancer, clients will know you through your profile and resume so it should be perfect. Any hole in your profile will make the progress of your work slow; therefore, you need to put thought in your resume. Try not to give unrelated information and try to stay on the subject. State your skills and your services very clearly, so there will be no misunderstanding in your freelance job description. Put any project you have done in your resume, which is related to your services too. Also in this stage, when you are working as a freelancer, you need to learn pricing. For this matter, you need to have a very serious research based on your skills, getting international projects or local ones, charging hourly or based on project and of course on pricing that other freelancer similar to your situation are using.

4- Identify your needed tools for starting the job.

In this part of freelance job description, you need to know which websites are the best for uploading your profile and resume. You should make business social media accounts and learn how to communicate with clients through them. You should provide the best version of the software you are going to need and you should think of a nice quite place for your work hour. Also in this stage, you need to identify your target clients so that you can focused on communicating with them. After doing all these things, you have probably mastered how to become a freelancer online and all you need to do is being a hardworking freelancer to get successful in your field. Also, do not forget that each step that you took in these 30 days are going to affect the quality of your work in the future.


Source: UdemyKaycinho