People can do any kind of job as a freelancer and get the freedom and flexibility that they have desired to experience in their work field. If you are interested in software developing but you hate working at the same company with the same people and have a common normal work life, for sure being a freelance software developer is your thing. You can be your own boss and enjoy doing something you love whenever you want with whomever that makes you comfortable. Making as a software freelancer is not a big deal if you are serious about it but there are few things to be aware of and we are going to share them with you in here. Keep reading this article if you want to be successful in your field.

1- Be sure that you are skilled enough for this job.

All kind of jobs all over the world require some basic skills that are fundamental and without them, you are not going to be a brand on your business. As a freelance software developer, you need to be familiar with programing language and expanding your knowledge every now and then. You are going to be a freelancer so it is important to do some projects just to check your weaknesses before getting any serious job because no one wants to hire a freelance software developer with no special skills.

2- Don’t forget the importance of content marketing.

As a freelance software developer, if you want to find project on your own without the help of some agencies, you should be familiar with the content marketing; otherwise, finding good projects can be quite a challenge. In content marketing, you need to handle both online and offline marketing, which means you need to present a good picture of your work and yourself in both online world of internet and social media and in the world of face-to-face meetings.

3- Be a technology fan.

In twenty first century and the present era of human life, making life easier is an ultimate goal for every possible move, which is why technology play an important role in every aspect of our lives: it makes life easier. As a software freelancer, you should know the latest technology development because they can make your job easier. Online tools, different programs, different computers models, new technology tips and many other things are just here to help you do your job better.

4- Establish your paying rules for the clients.

Earning money as a freelancer can be both good and bad: good because you can keep the whole money for yourself and bad because you should be sure you are making a good amount of money. It means that sometimes freelancers like freelance software developer are not aware of the common pricing and suggest a very low price to get the job. By doing this, you are going to get the job but it is not professional. Besides suggesting the right price, you should clarify the way you are going to charge your clients. Based on the project, you should suggest hourly payment or project based payment; whichever that makes you get more money should be your choice. Pay attention that some freelancers use international prices but pricing is a country-based thing so first you need to have a good look in to your local market.

5- Have a good relation with start-ups.

As a start-up you will try to find programmers near you and as a freelance software developer, you should always be near them! You should know the start-ups and try to have contact with them for three main reasons.

Firstly, they are start-up and do not have much money, so they are looking for a cheap option. Also probably, they do not have a big workplace and would like a Freelance software development work from home.

Secondly as a software freelancer, you need to have a good profile and make yourself a brand so start-ups can be a great option for you to gain experience.

Thirdly, start-up projects are young and you can shape it as you want. Once the whole project grows, you will grow with it.

6- Be 100% focused on the project.

Finding a project as a software freelancer is a big step but the next big step is making a good project. Having your client approvals and their positive comments can be something that will take your work so many steps ahead of your other competitors and this will only happen if you dedicate yourself to the project. Using your knowledge, earning experience, clearing your goal, knowing you client’s taste and focusing are some lead keys of success in this job. Having a good profile full of awesome projects is the best way for a freelance software developer to introduce him/herself.

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