Working as a virtual assistant from home has a lot of advantages. Who wouldn’t like a job which let’s you earn money in the comfort of your home? Or a job that doesn’t require spending extra money for transportation, and also saves you a lot of time? In this article we have tried to gather all the information you should know about virtual assistant jobs for beginners.

What Will Your Duties Be As A VA?

As a virtual assistant, there will be a variety of jobs that may come to your way. For example:

  • One of your duties could be to surf the net for information. In this case, you will be asked to research about a certain subject and find useful and engaging information about it.
  • One other job which a virtual assistant does, is to manage social media. In this case, the social media virtual assistant is supposed to upload media(photos, videos, …) to a social media account, reply the comments and direct messages received, handle adds , etc.
  • Someone who works in virtual assistant jobs for beginners, could be responsible for replying emails, receiving phone calls, and managing appointments with clients and customers.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

Virtual Assistant jobs salary depends on your level of specialization, the time that you are required to put into this job, the virtual assistant company that you are hired by, etc.

Generally, most people who work in virtual assistant jobs worldwide, are paid between 10$ to 30$ per hour.

If you are hired in large companies and higher levels organization, you could be paid more.

If you work in virtual assistant jobs online from home, you could even make up to 100$ or more per hour. It all depends on what you do, your level of experience and specialization, your degree, and where you are hired.

Can I Work As A Virtual Assistant With No Experience?

You do not need to be a professional to start virtual assistant jobs. If you are searching for a freelance work, make sure you check some of the opportunities listed below. These opportunities could be quite helpful for you, if you are a work at home mom, a college student, or anyone who is interested in online remote jobs :

  • Fancy Hands: Fancy hands is one of the platforms where beginners can start working in virtual assistant jobs for beginners. This platform informs you about virtual assistant jobs for students, and anyone looking for an online job.
  • Remote job boards: This website lets you search for quite good remote jobs. Remote Job Broad will inform you about many virtual assistant jobs hiring now, virtual assistant jobs for moms, virtual assistant jobs no experience, e..
  • Find dream jobs: This website is a dream job finder! Using this platform you can search for “virtual assistant jobs near me”, to find nearby job opportunities, and virtual assistant jobs part-time from home.
  • DutyCope: Dutycope is another great website which posts the opportunities of virtual assistant jobs for beginners and professionals.

Golden Tips For Starting a Virtual Assistant Job

Be Self Motivated

The first thing that characteristic that will help you in virtual assistant jobs for beginners, is self motivation. It can be challenging to practice discipline while you are working at home and no one watches over you. Thus, Self discipline can be a vital key!

Love What You Do

When you love your job, learning will be enjoying for you. Keep learning about the job as much as you can. Surf the internet, read books and take courses to improve your skills.

Look Forward Your Clients’ Success

As a VA, if you want to succeed, you must look forward your client’s succeed. If your clients are happy with your assistance, they will keep coming to you, and even introducing you to their colleagues. Therefore, as someone who works in virtual assistant jobs for beginners, do not only look forward to getting the job done quickly and receiving money. Instead, make sure you always do your best to make your clients succeed.

Improve Your Typing Speed

As a virtual assistant you will need to be able to type quickly. Practice being able to type 40 words per minute.

Gather The Equipment

You will need a computer or laptop, an stable and fast internet connection, and a calm place to work. Don’t forget to update your apps.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

 Make sure you understand all the aspects of the project you are required to do. If you are uncertain about something, don’t hesitate to ask the client about it. Sometimes clients do not give enough information about the task to the VA, but still they would expect you to do the project as they desire. So make sure to make everything clear for yourself.

Be Punctual

As someone who works in virtual assistant jobs for beginners or professionals, you should remember that the more punctual you are, the better chance of success you will have. Be able to do what you are required to do, in the time that you are required to do so. Avoid delays!

Improve Your Knowledge About Seo

Lean more and more about search engine optimization. Learn what kind of media will increase the SEO rating of the social media account, blog, etc. which you are responsible for as a social media virtual assistance.

source: out source workers