Freelance jobs have a flexibility that attracts many people. The fact that they can work whenever they want is something that adapt to the modern lifestyle more than you think. Actually, some people believe that freelancing will be the main type of working and having job in the future. Besides time flexibility, what is about freelancing that attracts people so much? Well there are so many things in the list and one them is earning money.

Getting online paid project is the best way for people to get job. Most of people spend lots of their time in internet and making money out of it is something that makes them think. The answer to the question of how to make money freelancing has two different aspects: firstly, what jobs make most money in freelancing and secondly, knowing some practical advice and using them in the world of freelancing. Here we are going to clarify both aspects for you.

Freelance jobs that make money

In any society, there are always some jobs that make more money than the other jobs. This fact applies to the world of freelancing too. It is correct that the range of freelance jobs is getting wider and wider every day. Each they people use a creative way to add more job options to the world of freelancing but this matter is not behind cloud: there are always some jobs that make more money. Freelancing earning methods are more adaptable with the jobs below.

  • Service supporters: So many businesses need online support for their job like big production companies, some websites of selling things and many other websites. They will not have enough space for their employees so freelancers seem like a good option for them. With doing these kinds of freelance jobs you can make 12 dollars per hour.
  • Copywriter: this one is one of the common jobs in this field. These writers can make a lot of money based on some SEO methods and some writing skill. They can write for websites with a flexible work hour. Based on freelance earning methods, you can earn 24 dollars per hour by doing this job.
  • Translators: translating is something that people will prefer to do it when they are in the mood of doing it, just like writing and by getting online paid projects in this field, you can earn money. In addition, this job is a very good option for students. By doing this you can earn 15 dollars per hour.
  • Social media manager: In the world of online communication, social media is as important as anything else is in big and small businesses. Companies and any other kind of business like start-ups focus a lot on social media. Even some doctors, stylist and other people need social media for their work too. Of course they cannot do it themselves so they hire freelancer to manage their page based on some basics like knowing hashtags and posting methods. In the list of freelance jobs that make money, by doing this you get 16 dollars per hour.
  • Video gamer’s programmer: yes, video gamer’s programmer! Can you believe it? You can earn money by programming video games professionally. This job needs specific talents and skills so they will pay you more. By doing this freelance job you can earn 27 dollars per hour.
  • Graphic designer: how to make money freelancing online? Easy, expand your knowledge of graphic designing. This job is gold in the world of freelancing because a wide range of businesses needs it and they will not hire a permanent worker for this. Project of graphic designing is something they prefer to use freelancer for it. By doing this job you can earn 50 dollars per hour.
  • Website developer and website designer: the world of internet is the world of doing stuff at home, searching stuff at home and staying at home! Now, website as one of the most important things in the internet can be designed and developed from home too. In fact, like translating and copywriting this job has been widely increased in the world of freelance jobs. In addition, by doing this you can make more money averagely in comparison to other jobs, you can earn 60 dollars per hour by doing website developing and designing.

Practical advice

In freelance jobs, you are the one who manage everything for your job including pricing. Pricing is a very important thing and should be done according to three main rules:

  • Prices are different in different countries. Therefore, when you see the prices in the United States do not expect the same standards in any other country.
  • You can do pricing either by using project based payment or hourly payments. You should choose the best way according to your project, which is a common freelance earning method.
  • Before starting the job, get payment in advance. In this way, both you and the client will feel safe financially while doing the project.