Starting anything is hard and it does not matter what it is. Starting gym, starting studying, starting a new job and so many other starts can be frustrating and can make you get worried. Now imagine you want to start programming, one of those fields that experience plays an important role in it, for sure you will find some difficulties at first. Now on the other hand, freelancing can be a challenge too because you have to do most of the work from finding projects to suggesting a decent price by yourself. For making the situation more exciting, imagine freelance programming as a beginner. Yes, it can be terrifying but when you pass the few first steps, everything is going to turn around and you would be glad that you have started it. Here we are going to give you some tips in order to be a better freelance programmer.

1- Don’t go so many steps ahead of yourself.

Having ambitious and big dreams for future of your work is important but something is more important than that: everything has its own time! Getting big projects with brand companies is that future you are dreaming about but at the first, you should not expect this dream to come true. At the beginning, you should get small projects so as a software developer freelance you will gain experience little by little. Small projects will not be so risky and even without any experience you can do them, of course if you are serious about your job.

2- Consider making less money in freelance programming.

Freelance programming job is something that you are going to make a lot of money from but this is not going to happen if you are not good and known in your field. Being recognized in your field needs time and in that time, you cannot sit around wait for the success. Suggesting a low price is not professional because you are putting a low value on your work and that will not be a good impression: people will think there should be a problem! However, as a beginner freelance programmer, you first priority should be getting project and being known in the field so it can be good for you to do projects for less money in the beginning.

3- Make a good resume for your future.

Each step that you take as a beginner will affect your reputation in the future. Freelancing world is about reputation, if you are good in your job and have a good resume, the project will be yours. At the first, you are a freelance programmer with no experience but it does not mean you are allowed to make bad decisions repeatedly. Yes, getting small projects, making less money and even doing some projects for free are very common in this field but sometimes it is nothing except bad decision.

Imagine you are a freelance web developer work from home, you are seeking for new project and you accept the first job you find without considering the background. You will do a good job as a freelance programmer but after a short time, the project will go down and your work will be effected too. This can have a bad influence on your resume and more important on your reputation. Repeating this mistake will give you tens of unsuccessful project at the end.

4- Be active in the world of internet and social media.

One of the dilemma that a freelance programmer faces is advertising. As a freelancer and as a beginner in freelancing, you do not have much money to give to advertising agencies and it is not a hard thing to do by yourself. First, you need to have research about the key tips of advertising as a freelance programmer in social media. Next, you need to dedicate some fixed hours daily in order to manage your social media accounts. You can have a website and Instagram page in order to communicate with your potential clients; you can share you works, your profile and your background and make a friendly impact on people. Soon people will remember you and introduce you to others. Having an active social media account can play a vital role in your job.

5- Be serious about your job.

You are not going to do freelance programming job as a beginner for eternity. Someday eventually, you are going to be recognized in your field and big companies want to give you important projects but what will make this future come true? It is so simple; you should be serious about your job and never give up on it. As a beginner, you going to face so many difficulties that may make you quit your job but do not give up. By keep learning new methods and improving your skills, you will be a well-known freelance programmer in a short time.


Source: MikecavaliereSitepointDreamhomebasedwork